Publications, interviews and talks

Adam’s most recent work has involved efforts to conserve the critically-endangered red-finned blue-eye at Edgbaston Reserve in western Queensland.

For further information on fish in both western Queensland and Lake Cargelligo in  NSW, the following published material may be helpful. For specific queries please use the contact page.


The distribution and abundance of fish in the Lake Cargellgo system, NSW (Honours thesis) download pdf

The distribution, recruitment and movement of fish in far western Queensland (PhD thesis) download pdf

Continuous recruitment underpins fish persistence in the arid rivers of far western Queensland, Australia. (2011, Marine and Freshwater Research 62, 1178 – 1190)

Four desert waters: Setting arid zone wetland conservation priorities through understanding patterns of endemism. (2011, Biological Conservation 144, 2459 – 2467)

Climate change and its implications for Australia’s freshwater fish. (2011, Marine and Freshwater Research 62, 1082 – 1098)

Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis Red-finned Blue-eye, in Baillie, E. M. and Butcher, E. R. (2012) Priceless or Worthless? The world’s most threatened species. Zoological Society of London, United Kingdom

Response to Tim Flannery’s Quarterly Essay entitled: After the Future: Australia’s New Extinction Crisis. Quarterly Essay 49, 91 – 94 (2012).

Conservation of the endangered red-finned blue-eye, Scaturiginichthys  vermeilipinnis,  and control of alien eastern gambusia, Gambusia holbrooki, in a spring wetland  complex. (2013, Marine and Freshwater Research 64, 851 – 863)

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Red-finned blue-eye: the story so far.  (2014, Fishes of Sahul, 28: 806 – 812.)

An Australian science communication case study based on the recovery of the endangered fish red-finned blue-eye, Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis. (2014, Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia, 97: 279 – 286).

Quantifying the impact of Gambusia holbrooki on the extinction risk of the critically endangered red-finned blue-eye. (2015, Ecosphere 6 (3):

Development of a technique for quarantining Great Artesian Basin springs from colonisation by the invasive fish Eastern Gambusia (Gambusia holbrooki). 2015, Ecological Management and Restoration 16 (3), 229 – 232.


Other relevant stories and talks about fish in Queensland’s Lake Eyre Basin and red-finned blue-eye at Edgbaston: (interview with Desert Channels Queensland) (talk given at ‘Spotlight on the Lake Eyre Basin’ conference, Longreach, 2013). (talk given at the Wheeler Centre, Melbourne, in 2012). (ABC 7.30 program profile on Edgbaston 2012) (ABC Landline program profile on Edgbaston) (second ABC 7.30 program on red-finned blue-eye 2014) (flooding in the Mulligan River and Simpson Desert).