Kerezsy is quite a writer. His book, which embraces the ecological history of Australia, is full of fascinating if somewhat esoteric information but the tone is never dull. And he orders his material beautifully, time after time taking us from the general to specific with examples that illustrate his case.

 Dianne Dempsey The Age

From one perspective, ‘Desert Fishing Lessons’ is a readable autobiography of the evolution of a freshwater fish ecologist. From another.. (it) is a scientific treatise of observations, hypotheses, research and conclusions about the factors that drive and threaten Australia’s inland waterways and their fish communities. And finally, this is just a ripping good set of fishing yarns that could easily be read outside on a sunny afternoon… I can see a wide audience for this book who, while savouring the first-hand adventure stories, will be subliminally inculcated with unique insights into the ecology of many of Australia’s freshwater fish.

Professor Andrew Boulton

…while he is a freshwater fish scientist…he is also a jolly fine author…he has taken his expertise and applied it to a rollicking ride of a book that is so busy entertaining you barely notice that you are also being seriously educated about country and environment. Kerezsy…has a good turn of phrase, a natural pace to his writing, and the ability to bring his science to the reader in a nice, accessible, chatty manner.

 Stephen Scourfield Weekend West

So full of good yarns you could knit a jumper from it, Desert Fishing Lessons is an engaging read about a serious topic……the journey includes stunning landscapes, wonderful characters, adventures in data-gathering and insightful musings on the history and current management of our arid lands. As a guide on this journey Kerezsy is informative, entertaining and provocative.

 Saren Starbridge Wildlife Australia magazine

Kerezsy writes with a deceptively easy style – laconic and at times very funny – with some yarns reminiscent of a young Paul Hogan. But there are serious messages in this thoroughly researched book, delivered without any indication that you’re being preached to. The tone is in no way strident. It’s all done with wit, style and grace.

 John Newberry Fishing World magazine